2.5 Bar Lt4 T-Map Breakout Harness Extension

$ 233.78

ADM Performance LT1 to LT4 T map harness allows you to see "Intake Air Temp"  after the intercooler in your datalogs as well as having proper map sensor readings.

This IAT reading will show up in your datalog under IAT.

Tuning is required.

Factory 4 bar Tmap sensor - This sensor is used on the LT4 Conversions and mounts in the rear of an LT4 Supercharger on the driver's side. It has a temp sensor built into it that detects the air temp that is after the heat exchanger inside the supercharger.

If you using this harness we recommend mounting the old 3-pin sensor from your intake manifold in the supercharger inlet to plug the hole, this is just below the evap solenoid . This sensor no longer is used as the lt4 sensor takes its place.