$ 499.00

VCM Suite

VCM Suite is designed for both the home enthusiast and the professional tunershop. Includes VCM Editor and VCM Scanner! 8 credits are included which is enough to tune at least two vehicles and in some cases, four or more vehicles!

We sell 2 hardware models with our VCM Suite package.

What does the MPVI Pro interface allow me to do over the Standard Version?
With our Pro interface, you can integrate 0-5v signals from various sensors such as EGT, Wide Band, fuel pressure and others right into our scanner. You will have real time data from those sensors right next to your standard scan tool data such as TPS, RPM, MPH, etc.

Our MPVI Pro interface also has black box data datalogging for select vehicles of up to 1hr 30mins built in. What this means is you are able to scan your vehicle without the use of a laptop using the interfaces record button. You can then take the interface into your home to transfer the log contents from the interface to the computer. If you have an MPVI Pro it will require no hardware modification. Also note that VCM Scanner comes with both interfaces regardless as it is part of our VCM Suite package.

Can I buy a wide band sensor and simply plug it in?
No. You need a wide band kit that supplies a 0-5v output. You will plug the output from your wide band controller into our interface.

Is a Wideband Sensor & Controller included with the MPVI Pro?
No. You would need to purchase this separately from a company such as Innovate motorsports, PLX, AEM, Etc.

How many external devices can I have with the MPVI Pro?
We have provisions for 4 external devices that use a 0-5v output signal.

I am a current customer with VCM Suite but I want the new MPVI Pro interface, how do I buy it?
MPVI Pro (Enhanced I/O) Upgrade Process

Does the Standard MPVI come with the scanner too?
Yes it comes with the hardware, the same scanner the pro comes with & the same editor package as the pro comes with.

Does the Standard MPVI come with the same amount of credits as the Pro MPVI?
Yes, both the Standard & Pro Version come with 8 credits.

How much would it cost to upgrade from the Standard MPVI to the Pro MPVI if I decided to upgrade later?