LT1/LT4 "SC" Port Plate System (for all LT1/LT4) by TooHighPsi

$ 884.00

The simple way to solve fueling issues on the GM GenV LT engines - add Port Injection!

SC (Stock Coil) plates are specifically designed to add port injection to all LT1/LT4 applications utilizing stock ignition coil locations. This includes the factory TVSR1740 LT4 supercharger, the Magnuson TVS 2300 for LT1/LT4, Whipple 2.9L for LT1/LT4 or Stock LT1 intake manifold for NA, ProCharger, or Turbo applications. Hood clearence for these applications is unknown.

Kit includes 2 plates, brackets, fuel rails, and necessary hardware to mount injectors under your supercharger or intake manifold (injectors not included).

Fuel Rails are a -8AN, please select to the right if you would like -6AN or -8AN fittings with your kit.

NOTE: "SC" plates work with:

FIC Extended Tip 1100cc/min (105lb/hr) USCAR PLUG Fuel Injector
Bosch Extended Tip 800cc/min (78lb/hr) SQUARE PLUG Fuel Injector

LT4 option adds correct length bolts for stock LT4 supercharger and PCV spacer connector for under supercharger.

For other applications please select "OTHER LT" option and include details in text area. We will contact you to ensure you recieve the correct hardware.

Please call or email us with questions about your specific application!

These parts are sold for ground-vehicle use in a controlled environment.