2010-2015 Camaro SS Tensioner/ Idler bracket for Lsa converison - with Idler pulleys 102-1-BK

$ 499.00


Our kit comes with a Billet HD tensioner idler bracket,HD LSA Belt tensioner from the factory LSA . No more belt slip issues associated with other kits on the market.

No throttle body spacer needed to clear factory 4 bolt DBW throttle bodies.

Included parts:

LSA  Heavy Duty belt tensioner and hardware

LSA Belt tensioner bracket and hardware

Billet water pump double idler bracket/pulleys and hardware

Waterpump does not need removed to install this setup


Parts needed to complete this kit.

The factory LS3 Camaro accessories

LSA supercharger and associated parts

6 rib serpentine belt.

ADM 6 rib Lsa conversion Pulley and hub