LT1/LT4 Port Plate System for Magnuson TVS2650 with Reflex controller

$ 2,000.00

The simple way to solve fueling issues on the GM GenV LT engines - add Port Injection!

R plates are specifically designed to utilize the short body style LS9 style fuel injector. These plates are slightly thicker than our standard Vindicator plates and will not fit under the C7 Corvette stock hood. The Camaro SS stock hood fits fine, the blower will be close to hood liner. The ZL1 will require underside hood modifications.

NOTE"R" Plates work with 35mm long LS3 length injectors and stock GM valve covers that have been modified to fit a Magnuson Magnum TVS2650R (ignition coils relocated).

Injector options we have for "R" plates are:

FIC Compact 1000 cc/min (95 lb/hr) USCAR Fuel Injector (Set of 8)
BOSCH Compact 550 cc/min (52 lb/hr) USCAR Fuel Injector (Set of 8)

LT1 kit includes 2 plates, brackets, fuel rails, gaskets and necessary hardware to mount injectors under your supercharger (injectors not included).

Magnuson changed the 2650 supercharger housing castings around the beginning of 2022. The original housing was produced with 3 pieces (center SC section and 2 intercooler castings bolted to the sides of the center) The later 2022+ housings are all one piece, Please select the correct housing to ensure we provide the proper length bolt for your application.

Fuel Rails are a -8AN, please select to the right if you would like -6AN or -8AN fittings with your kit.

LT4 option adds PCV spacer connector for under supercharger.

Please call or email us with questions about your specific application!

These parts are sold for ground-vehicle use in a controlled environment.